Estimatey – AI powered real estate evaluation app

Estimatey – AI powered real estate evaluation app

Estimatey is an app that helps real estate agents get on-the-spot estimate of a property value.

When real estate agents need to appraise a property, they gather the information about the home and then have to do their homework to come up with a reasonable price for the property. This includes comparative market analysis (CMA) – researching the neighbourhood, finding similar properties that are competitors on the market, and striking a balance to come up with the best value possible for their clients, while having market trends in mind.

Estimatey app speeds up this process drastically and reduces the time needed for an agent to come up with a reasonable home market value from hours to less than a minute.


Property attributes

It starts with the attributes of the home being evaluated, like location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and so on.

Market trends

It then blends that information with an abundance of real estate market data, both current and historical transactions.

AI powered

Estimatey then applies state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to generate a number of statistical models on top of that data and come up with an estimated market value based on facts.