Cityviz – Data Visualization for Municipal Economic Development

Cityviz – Data Visualization for Municipal Economic Development

Cityviz is a data visualization app for municipalities. It is aimed mainly at their planning and business development departments but also at investors and general public.

Cityviz displays a clear picture of community demographics and business climate, empowering decision makers with analyses of their target interest.

With Cityviz you get readily available data, preprocessed and visualized in a format that is easy to understand by analysts and general public alike. No more hours of searching for data on Statistics Canada website.

Cityviz is particularly helpful for smaller municipalities that don’t have the capacity of hiring full-time analysts. Bigger municipalities benefit greatly too as BizKit becomes a supplemental tool in their analysts’ daily workflow by providing instant access to relevant data.

The app can also be used by investors and businesses as it allows them to discover new business opportunities by exploring interactive business maps that are also part of the Cityviz standard edition.

It can be used by general population as well, to get insight into more detailed picture of their community, for their personal educational or business needs. It can be an invaluable tool for growth of new generation of small businesses.

The application is based on open data on each of federal, provincial and municipal levels, as well as on proprietary data acquired from commercial data sources.

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Demographic analysis

Provides clear picture of the population and makes it easy to discover business opportunities for the demographic of interest

Labour force

Analysis of the labour force characteristics helps understanding what kind of talent is available in the community

Housing and real estate

Analysis of housing market and real estate trends helps uncover needs and opportunities in the housing market

Economic indicators

A set of economic indicators relevant for the organization and community – always showing most up-to-date data

Report download

Download ready-made reports in PDF or Microsoft Word format for further editing and analysis write-up

Exploration tool

Interactive business maps used as an exploration tool for site selection, city planning, or any potential use