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Pay Playalot

Online Casino Game Recommender API

Pay Playalot is online casino game recommender API that helps operators grow their businesses by providing personalized and engaging user experience for their players, helping them find the right game.It utilizes machine learning algorithms to analyze huge volumes of data to infer players' gaming patterns and preferences.

It comes in two flavours:

  • Game-based – “If you liked this game, you could also like these other games…”
  • Player-based – “Players similar to you also liked these games…”

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Sir Gilles

Customer Churn Prediction API

Ser Gilles - Customer Churn Prediction API
Sir Gilles is an API that helps fight customer churn by predicting which customers are about to stop using the service.

Just like Pay Payalot, it classifies customers based on their spending behaviour to find the ones that are about to churn. It uses player historical gaming data to feed its machine learning algorithms and prediction models to perform player classification and churn prediction.

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Data Visualization and Analytics Tool


Datapark is data visualization and analytics app for iGaming, enabling users to analyze and correlate huge volumes of data from various sources.Users can:

  • Create reports, pivot tables and dashboards with drag'n'drop.
  • Measure impact to marketing campaigns on bottom line.
  • Use scheduler to get reports in your inbox.
  • Receive alerts when numbers go out of track.
  • Collaborate with peers by sharing reports.
  • Monitor brand sentiment on Social Media.
  • Datapark handles securely huge volumes of data.

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Forma Mobile

Mobile Skin for MyAffiliates

Forma Mobile is a mobile skin for MyAffiliates iGaming affiliate software management, compatible with all major mobile devices and operating systems. It provides an interface adapted for premium user experience while checking their earnings on smartphones and mobile devices.With Forma Mobile affiliates can:

  • View current commission summary.
  • Run all standard, custom and finance reports.
  • Copy marketing links and tracking codes.
  • View and edit support tickets.
  • Update their payment method and details.
  • View and edit account details.
  • Read latest news from your affiliate program.

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