Pay Playalot

Online Casino Game Recommender API
Pay Playalot /Pay Play-a-lot!!!/ is a online casino game recommender API that identifies players’ gaming preferences and suggests other games they might also like. Suggestions it gives can be:

  • Game-based – “If you liked this game, you could also like these other games…”
  • Player-based – “Players similar to you also liked these games…”

Pay Playalot - Online Casino Game Recommender API

How does it work?

It creates virtual game ratings based on player and game historical data – amount of money players put into each game (weighted by the time the game was available, number of rounds, time spent playing).

The engine can take into account (if available from gaming platform):

  • Game ratings and reviews.
  • Game categorization.
  • Players’ interests from their social media profiles.

It deploys machine learning algorithms to improve itself over time, and get to know more about players each time a bet is placed. Internally, it performs player and game clustering to group them by similarity.