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Datapark logoAbout Datapark

Datapark report engine provides visual insight into KPIs. You can segment, analyze, compare and evaluate data with just a couple of clicks. Here are some of the features:

Create reports in a couple of steps with simple drag and drop.

You can gather data from any of your business processes in a single view. For example, cross-reference marketing and player gaming data to see relationships between marketing campaigns and net revenue generated to get conversion rates of marketing spend on website traffic, player registrations, deposits, gaming revenue and profit.

Web-based (works on both PC and Mac) and you can access it securely from anywhere and have information when and where you need it.

Multiple departments can use Datapark and see data relevant only for their role (you can limit access to information per user group).

Datapark Features

Create alerts in Datapark to monitor critical KPIs for you and send email notifications if numbers go beyond the thresholds you defined.

Schedule reports and Datapark will run and email them to you. This is a great solution for periodic reports.

Create data feeds from reports and send data to external systems. This provides endless opportunities for easy integration with other systems. For example, you can fetch a list of players who deposited more than x Euros in last y days and send it to bonus engine.

Add related or favorite reports to dashboards with a click, and get useful summary at a glance.

We constantly work on adding new features into Datapark based on user feedback. Datapark design can also be customized to fit user needs or branding.

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